Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carried Away

*This tutorial was written in memory of my daddy. He was taken from me far to soon but I know he is watching over me with angel wings! The ribbon on the tag signifies Brain Cancer Awareness. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer July 7, 2006. He used to love to watch me tag and create so I thought this was a fitting tribute! I love you daddy always and forever*

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
It was written in PSP8 but can be done in other versions

Tube/Image of Choice
*I am using the beautiful work of Steve Baier. You must have a license to use the same artwork. You can purchase a license at UpYourArt. Please DO NOT use the same image without the proper license*
Frame, WordArt and Elements by Misty Cato
*This is a PTU kit, however I recently learned that she has retired this kit and is no longer selling it*
Font of Choice
*Mine is AirFoil Script*

Lets Get Started:1). Open a 650*650 canvas
Open up all your supplies in PSP
Resize and Recolor as needed
2). Copy and Paste your frame as a new layer
Using your magic wand click inside the frame
Selections~Modify~ Expand by 2
3). Copy and Paste your Tube/Image as a new layer
Selections~Invert~Press Delete
Selections~Select None
Move your Tube/Image layer below your frame layer
4). Make your frame layer active
Right click
Merge~Merge Down
5). Duplicate your merged image
*I resized mine by 50%*
Image~Rotate~Free Rotate 20 degrees to the right*
**Since this is such a personal tag now is the time to add any embellishments you wish to use**
6). Add all copyright information and license numbers if applicable
7). Add your name
8). Save in your preferred format and you are done

**Another Example** This tutorial was written by Carrie Lansberry on April 23, 2008
Originally posted HERE
Do not repost, script or translate

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