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Most of my tutorials are written using PTU art and scrapkits! That however should not stop you from trying them. I understand not everyone can buy scrapkits and/or art but there are tons of FTU artist and freebie scrapkits that you can use. I only write tutorials as a guide. What YOU do with them is up to your imagination
All Tutorials have been written in PSP 8. They are just a guideline on how to make a tag look a certain way and do not have to be followed word for word!
If you are a group manager please feel free to link to my tutorials but if you don't mind could you leave me a link to your group in my chatbox or you can email me
I love to see what people make using my tuts
Thank you.
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Friday, October 9, 2009


Art ©Jennifer Jankeso CI0280LM
Carrie's Concoctions 2009
This tutorial was written in PSP8 but can be done in other versions
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
Image/Tube of Choice
*I am using the STUNNING artwork of Jennifer Janesko. You MUST have a licene to use the same art*
Mask #53 and Ribboned Frame by Chelle
* These both come from Chelle at WeeScotsLass Creations. Thank you Chelle for your gorgeous stuff! You can download these HERE*
Xero: Porcelin
Font of Choice
*I am using PassionsConflictROB which is a PTU font*
Lets Get Started:
1). Open All Supplies
On your Ribboned Frame delete the background and copyright layers
*I greyscaled my images. Go to Adjust ~ Hue and Saturation ~ Colorize and set both to Zero*
2). On your Ribboned Frame
Select 1 frame with your magic wand
Selections ~ Modify ~ Expand by 10
Copy and paste your image as a new layer
Selections ~ Invert
Selections ~ Select None
*Repeat these steps for the other side of your frame. Make sure you click the area below the ribbon*
3). Close the frame layer
Merge the Images together
Make the frame layer visible again
4). On your image layer:
Xero: Porcelain
Softness: 50
Strength: 128
Brightness: 128
Red Channel: 0
Green Channel: 0
Blue Channel: 0
Press Ok
5). Make your frame layer active
Using your Freehand Selection Tool
Set to Point to Point
Select just the ribbon on your frame
Adjust ~ Hue and Saturation ~ Colorize
*I set mine to Hue: 169 and Saturation: 141*
6). Add a new layer
Drag it below your frame and image
Flood fill your layer with the color #404040
Layers ~ New Mask Layer ~ From Image
Find your WSL_Mask53
*Source Luminance selected, Invert Mask Data not selected*
Right click on the mask layer in your layer palette
Merge ~ Merge Group
7). Add all copyright and/or license info
8). Add your name
9). Save in your desired format

All Done!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

This tutorial was written by Carrie Lansberry on October 9, 2009
Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental