Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Art ©Zindy S.D. Nielsen ZZT583
Used with proper license

3 Images of your Choice
*I am using the stunning artwork of Zindy S.D. Nielsen. You must purchase a license to use the same images*

Scrap Papers or Textures of Choice

Brushes or Doodles of Choice
*I am using brushes by Obsidian Dawn*

Stronger Word Art

Font Of Choice
*I am using Georgia which is a FTU font and should have come with your pc*

Lets Get Started:
1). Open all your supplies
Resize and Colorize as needed

2). Open a 700*550 transparent image

3). Using your preset shape tool with the following settings:
Shape: Circle
Foreground: Pattern/Texture of Choice
Background: Null
Anti-Alias and Create as Vector Checked
Width: 10
Draw a circle in the middle of your canvas
*refer to example tag for size*
Convert to Raster Layer

4). Rectangle Preset Tool with the same settings as before
Draw a square
*refer to tag for size and placement*
Convert to raster layer
Duplicate layer
*Line up if needed*

5). Make your circle layer active
Move it above your square layers

6). Make your circle layer active
Using your magic wand click inside the circle
Selections~Expand by 5
Copy and paste your paper/texture of choice as a new layer
Selections~Select None
Move paper below your circle layer

7). Do these steps for both rectangle layers as well

8). Make your circle layer active again
Using your magic wand, click inside the circle
Selections~Expand by 5
Copy and paste your image of choice
Selections~Select None
Move Image below the circle layer
Duplicate the image
On the duplicate ~ Image~Blur~Gaussian Blur by 3
Change the blend mode to soft light
On your original layer change the blend mode to Luminance Legacy

9). Do the steps in #8 for both your rectangle layers and your chosen images

10). Add a drop shadow to all the preset shape layers

11). Add brushes or doodles of choice

12). Add the word art supplied by me or word art of your own

13). Add all copyright and/or license numbers as needed

14). Add your name

15). Save in your desired format and you are all done

I hope that you have enjoyed my tutorial!

This tutorial was written by Carrie's Concoctions on March 24, 2010
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

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