Friday, April 16, 2010

Angel's Cry

Art ©Zindy S.D. Nielsen ZZT583
Used with proper license

*This tutorial was written in PSP 8 but can be done in other versions I am sure*

Image of Choice
*I am using the beautiful artwork of Zindy S.D. Nielsen. You must purchase a license to use the same artwork*

Shades of Gray Scrap Kit
*I am using a wonderful PTU kit by Designs By Ali*

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)

Font of Choice:
I am using TheNautiGal which is a PTU font so I can not supply it

Lets Get Started:

1). Open all supplies
Resize as necessary

2). Open a 750*500 transparent image
*Don't worry we will be resizing*

3). Using your preset shape set at Rectangle
Anti-Alias and Create as vector checked
Width 10
Set your foreground to pattern with your paper of choice
Set your background to null
Draw out your rectangle
Convert to raster layer

4). Duplicate your frame
On the duplicate layer apply a gaussian blur with the radius set at 3.00

5). Make your original frame layer active
Using your magic wand click inside
Selections~Modify~Expand by 3
Copy and Paste your image as a new layer
Select None
Move your image below your frame

6). Add any elements you like
Feel free to make this tag your own!

7). Please feel free to use whatever font you want to make your word art. I was going to supply it but I thought it would be more personal if could choose your own font

8). Resize your tag now if you want to

9). Add the copyright and any license info needed

10). Add your name
Save in your desired format

This tutorial was written on April 16, 2010 by Carrie's Concoctions
Any similarity to any other tutorial is unintentional

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