Friday, April 9, 2010

Faerie Lake

Art ©Selina Fenech CI0280LM
Used with proper license

Tube of Choice
*I am using the stunning art of Selina Fenech. You must have a license to use the same tube*

Faerie Lake by Irene Alexeeva*You can find this beautiful kit at Scrap Orchard*
Font of Choice

Lets Get Started:
*This is a simple tut with alot of possibilities. I am simply providing a guideline*
1). Open all supplies
Resize as necessary
2). Make your frame activeUsing your magic wand trace around the outside of the frame
*See screenshot below if you do not understand what I mean*
Copy and paste your paper as a new layer
Select None

3). Choose whatever elements you would like to use
*There are so many wonderful elements in this kit. It really depends on what you want your tag to look like. I just wanted a simple tag so I used a cloud, fairy dust and butterflies*

4). Add your tube
Add a slight drop shadow
*I used, 0, 50, 5.00*
Position your tube

5). Resize now if you want to

6). Add all copyright information and any applicable license information

7). Add your name
Slight dropshadow again

8). Save in your desired format and you are all done

This tutorial was written by Carrie's Concoctions on April 9, 2010
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly a coincidence

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