Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Dreams/Beautiful Nightmare

Art ©Suzanne Woolcott http://www.gorjussart.com SW2510
Used with appropriate license

**Please note: This tutorial is kind of lengthy so grab something to drink and settle in**

Image of Choice
*I am using the gorgeous artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. You must have a license to use the same artwork*

Sweet Dream/Beautiful Nightmare Kit
*This beautiful kit is a PTU kit from PolkaDot Scraps*

Template 113 by Yvette
*This fabbie template can be downloaded from Essence of Creativity. Please leave some love if you download it*

Lets Get Started:
1). Open all supplies
Resize as necessary

2). Delete the copyright and background layers from the template
Close off all layers except for the Large White Circle and Large Blue Circle layers
* See screen shot below *
3). Make the Large Blue Circle layer active
Selections~Select All
Selections~Modify~Smooth by 10
Copy and Paste your paper of choice as a new layer
Select None
Delete original circle layer

4). Unhide your shape layer
*Follow the above steps except for the last step. Stop at Select None. When you position the paper move it to the left side of the circle*
Using your Selection Tool set to Rectangle
Make a rectangle covering half your circle
* See screen shot below*

Copy and paste one of your papers into selection
Selections~Select None
Make your shape layer active
Selections~Modify~Smooth by 10
Select None
Delete your original layer

5). Unhide your small white circle and pink circle layers
*Follow all the steps in step #4 for this layer*

6). Unhide your rectangle layer
Paste a paper of choice as a new layer
Select None
Delete original Rectangle layer

7). Uhide all 3 of your frame layers

8). Make your Frame Background layer active
Using your magic wand click on the left square
Selections~Modify~Expand by 3
Copy and Paste 1 of your images as a new layer
Select None
*Do the above steps for your other background square

9). Add any artwork and elements you like

10). Resize as you like

11). Add all copyright and any license numbers needed

12). Add your name
Save in desired format

This tutorial was written by Carrie's Concoctions on April 27, 2010
Any similarity to any other tutorial is not intentional

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