Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Art

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP. It was done in PSP 8 but can be done in other versions
**This tutorial uses PTU art and scrapkits. I do realize that some people either can't or choose not to purchase art and scrapkits. There are TONS of FTU artists and freebie scrapkits that you can use to do my tutorials. The are merely a guide**

2 Images and 1 tube of choice from the same artist
*I am using the always stunning work of Zindy S.D. Nielsen. You MUST have a license to use this artwork*

Autumn Art PTU Scrapkit
*This is a gorgeous scrapkit by Kari Hentzelt. Please visit her blog to find the stores she sells at*

Mask #318
*This is a mask by Chelle (WeeScotLass) and you can find it on her blog. Please leave some love if you download her fabbie masks

Lets Get Started:
1). Open all supplies
*DblFrame, paper of choice, elements of choice, mask, images and tube*
*This is a fullsize kit so the elements and paper so please feel free to resize to a size you are comfortable working with*

2). Open a 700*700 transparent image
Copy and paste your paper of choice
New Mask Layer
From Image
Find your image in the drop down box
*Source Luminance checked, invert mask data not checked*
Merge Group
*Duplicate this layer if you want your mask layer darker*

3). Copy and paste your frame as a new layer
Using your magic wand click the inside of the left frame
Selections ~ Modify ~ 10
Copy and paste your image of choice
Selections ~ Invert
Select None
*Follow the same steps for the right side of the mask except for copying and pasting the frame again (obviously)*

4). Add any elements you like
*I used the letters from the included alpha to make the Autumn wordart on the bottom of the tag. I also opened a 400*400 transparent image. I used the leaves included with the kit and simply resized them and rotated them until I had something I liked. I then "copy merged" and pasted it on my tag, moving it below the frame and image layers but above the mask layer. I then duplicated it, mirrored it and flipped it so that it matched up on the other side. I also resized one of the ribbons and moved it below all the layers but above the mask layer*

5). Copy and paste your tube of choice
*I duplicated it and used Xero ~ Radiance on the duplicate and then changed the blend mode to Multiply (but that will depend on the tube you are using and your own personal preference)*

6). Resize tag if desired
7). Add all copyright and any license information needed

8). Add your name

Save in your desired format and you are all done

This tutorial was written by Carrie Lansberry on 10/25/10
Any resemblence to any other tutorial is not intentional

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