Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This tutorial is animated. To see the animated version please click the link here

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop. It is done in PSP 8 but can be done in other versions.
* You might want to get something to drink, settle in and save OFTEN because this is quite a lengthy tutorial*

Tube of Choice
*I am using the gorgeous art of VeryMany. You can find thier art at PFD. You MUST have a license to use thier same art*

Lets Get Started:
1). Open a 650*250 blank image
Copy and paste your tube of choice
Position it where you want it
*Before we continue make sure you crop your image to 650*250 using your crop tool if your image is far larger than that like mine was*

2). Go to Mura Meister Copies
I used the *Line preset
I changed my Number slider to 5
*Please use what looks best with the tube you are using*

3). Duplicate the "Copies" layer
Hide the Duplicate for now

4). On the Original "Copies" layer
Motion Blur
Angle O
Strength 100
and then
Motion Blur
Angle 270
Strength 100

5). Adjust
Unsharp Mask
Radius 40
Strength 100
Clipping 5

6). Unhide your duplicate layer
Change the blend mode to Hard Light
*Or use whatever works best with your tube choice*

7). Select All
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color of choice from your tube
Change the blend mode of that layer to Soft Light
*Again use whatever works best for the tube you are using*

8). Merge all these layers together and rename "Copies"

9). Select All
Select Selections Border
Both Sides Checked
Anti-Alias Checked
Border Width 8
Add a new Raster Layer and flood fill with a color from your tube
Do Not Deselect

9). Selections
Select Selections Border
Outside Only Checked
Anti-Alias Checked
Border Width 4
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with another color from your tube
Select None

10). Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer
Move it below your 2 border layers but above your "Copies" layer
Give it a drop shadow if you think it needs one

11). Add all copyright or license information needed

12). Add your name

Lets Animate:
1). Copy and paste your "Copies" layer into Animation Shop

2). Effects
Insert Text Effect
*I wrote out my text so that it wasn't hidden behind the tube*
Select Backlight
Click on Customize and play with the settings until you have it how you want it. I didn't want alot of bright light on mine so I just changed it until I was happy
Click Ok

3). Delete your 1st frame
*It will be empty except for your background. Deleteing it keeps the animation smooth*

4). Select All
Click on the last frame
Paste After Current Frame
*all of the 2nd set of frames should be highlighted*
Reverse Frames
*Check your animation and tweek the frame speeds if you want*

5). Go back to PSP
Close off your "Copies" layer
Copy Merged
Paste into Animation Shop
Duplicate your Merged image until you have the same number of frames as your animation
*You should have 40 frames*
Ctrl A to select all the frames
Ctrl C to copy them
On your "Copies" animation press Ctrl A to select All
Ctrl E to Paste Into Selected Frame
Make sure your tube layer matches up with your "Copies" animation layer before you click on it to place it

6). Check your animation
Save it if you are satisfied

Lets Make An Avatar:
1). Open an 150*150 blank canvas

2). Copy Merge your tag

3). Copy and paste onto your canvas
Position the portion you want to be seen in your avatar
Use the steps in Step 6 from your banner to make the border for your avatar except change the 1st setting to 6 and the second to 3 for the width

4). Add your copyright and license information

5). Save as a JPG

Ok if you made it this far you are ALL DONE!

This tutorial was written by Carrie's Concoctions on June 8, 2011
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is unintentional

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