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Most of my tutorials are written using PTU art and scrapkits! That however should not stop you from trying them. I understand not everyone can buy scrapkits and/or art but there are tons of FTU artist and freebie scrapkits that you can use. I only write tutorials as a guide. What YOU do with them is up to your imagination
All Tutorials have been written in PSP 8. They are just a guideline on how to make a tag look a certain way and do not have to be followed word for word!
If you are a group manager please feel free to link to my tutorials but if you don't mind could you leave me a link to your group in my chatbox or you can email me
I love to see what people make using my tuts
Thank you.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taggies by Me

I haven't much felt like writing tutorials but I have tried to get some tags made!

This one uses a collab from Pink Princess Scraps and Scrappin Krazy Designs called StarStruck

You can find this kit at Digital Chaos and it also uses the gorgeous art of Keith Garvey. You can find his work at PTE

This kit used is called Behind Blue Eyes and it is a GORGEOUS kit by Pink Princess Scraps and the always stunning artwork of Robin McQuay. You can find her art at Dreamscape Imaging