Friday, February 3, 2012

Puppy Love

This tutorial was written using PSP 8
It can be done in other versions

I Love You Always PTU Scrap Kit by KiKeKa Kits
*You can purchase this taggers kit exclusively at Scraps And The City ( and you can find her freebies and all her goodies on her blog (
Lets Get Started:
1). Open a 650*250 blank canvas
2). Copy and paste your paper of choice as a new layer
3). Copy and paste your tubes of choice as new layers
*I used 2 of the cute clipart tubes that came with the kit*
4). Select All
Select Selections Border
Both Sides Checked
Anti-Alias Checked
Border Width 10
Copy and paste your paper of choice
Invert again
Do Not Deselect
5). Selections
Select Selections Border
Outside Only Checked
Anti-Alias Checked
Border Width 5
Add a new raster layer and flood fill with another paper of choice
Select None
6). Now is the time to add any elements to make the forum set your own
Move them below your 2 frame layers and your tube layer but above your original paper layer
7). Add the copyright information and any license information that is needed
8). Add your name
Save in your preferred format

Lets Make An Avatar:
1). Open an 150*150 blank canvas
2). Copy Merge your tag
3). Copy and paste onto your canvas
Position the portion you want to be seen in your avatar
Crop your image back to 150*150
Use the steps in Step 4 & 5 from your banner to make the border for your avatar except change the 1st setting to 4 and the second to 2 for the width
4). Add your copyright and license information
5). SaveAll Done!

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