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Most of my tutorials are written using PTU art and scrapkits! That however should not stop you from trying them. I understand not everyone can buy scrapkits and/or art but there are tons of FTU artist and freebie scrapkits that you can use. I only write tutorials as a guide. What YOU do with them is up to your imagination
All Tutorials have been written in PSP 8. They are just a guideline on how to make a tag look a certain way and do not have to be followed word for word!
If you are a group manager please feel free to link to my tutorials but if you don't mind could you leave me a link to your group in my chatbox or you can email me
I love to see what people make using my tuts
Thank you.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snowflake Queen

This tutorial was written in PSP 8 but can be done in other versions
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP

Tube of Choice
*I am using the tube "Lady Snowflake" by Zindy S.D. Nielsen which can be purchased at Zindy Zone.  Please do not use this same tube without the approriate license*

Scrap Kit of Choice
*I am using "The Ice Queen Cometh" by Pink Princess Scraps which can be purchased at Dreamscape Imaging.  This kit is actually part of a collab between Pink Princess and Scrapping Krazy Designz.  You can get Scrapping Krazy Designz part at Digital Chaos*

Mask of Choice
*I am using a mask by WeeScotLass*

Font of Choice
*I am using Respective which can be found HERE*

Lets Get Started
1).  Open all your supplies in PSP
Resize as you feel necessary

2).  Open a blank canvas 600*250
Select All
Copy and Paste your paper of choice as a new layer
DO NOT deselect
Select Selections Borders
Both Sides
Anti-Alias Checked
Border width set at 10
Add a new Raster Layer
Copy and Paste your paper of choice again
DO NOT deselect
Select Selections Border
Anti-Alias Checked
Border width set to 10
Add a new raster layer
Copy and paste your paper of choice
Move this layer below you original border layer

3).  Using your crop tool
Crop both of your layers back to your 600*250 original canvas size

4).  Add a drop shadow
*I used 1, -1, 50, 5.00 and then did it again with -1, 1, 50, 5.00*

5).  Then go to Image
Canvas Size
Change the size of your canvas to 650*550 to give you room to work

6).  Add a new raster layer
Send to Bottom
Select All
Copy and paste your paper of choice into selection

7).  On your bottom layer go to
New Mask Layer
Select your mask of choice from the drop down menu
Source Luminance checked
Invert Mask Data unchecked

8).  Now is the time to make the tag your own
Add whatever elements, word art, etc that you want

9).  Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Duplicate your tube
On your duplicate tube
Gaussian Blur
Change the blend mode and lower the opacity to something that works for your personal preferences and your particular tube

10).  Resize your tag if necessary

11).  Add all copyright information and any license numbers needed

12).  Add your name

All Done!

This tutorial was written by Carrie's Concoctions on December 4, 2012
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is unintentional


aussiejean said...

Loved it, turned out beautiful, thank you Jean

Carries Concoctions said...

I'm glad you like it hon ♥